Diabetology & General Medicine

Diabetes Mellitus is generally characterized by high Sugar levels in the Blood and it is a disease that cannot be cured but can be controlled. Diabetes if not successfully managed, can lead to serious medical complications including Heart disease, Stroke, Eye and Kidney problems, and problems involving the Blood vessels, Nerves, and Feet.

A person with Diabetes is more likely than other people to have heart attacks, stroke, eye problems leading to blindness, Kidney disease that may require dialysis or transplantation, foot or leg amputation, frequent infection (urinary tract infection in women), Sexual problems etc. When the Blood Sugar falls below the normal range, low sugar reaction or Hypoglycemia occurs, which is also a complex medical condition.

The Diabetes hospital has a comprehensive Diabetes Clinic with all facilities under one roof including, full biochemistry, eye check-up, foot check-up (foot sensation, foot pressure, arterial Doppler), body fat estimation, counselling by Diabetes educator and Dietician, and Diabetologist’s consultation.

The hospital offers

  • Specialist management for diabetic foot
  • Emergency care for diabetic complications
  • Patient education programme
  • Department of nutrition and dietetics

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Dr. M. A. Moideen

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