27 Sep 2022

MBBS Curriculum Revised: Emphasis on Attitude Ethics and Communication Skills

MBBS Curriculum Revised:
Emphasis on Attitude Ethics and Communication Skills

The stereotype structure of MBBS curriculum is all set to change. Medical Council of India (MCI) has finalised a new curriculum for the MBBS students after a long gap of 21 years. According to sources from MCI, the new change gives a humane touch to the syllabus by adding a course called Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM), which is planned to run across the years and intends to emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship. The main focus of the course will be to teach students on how to communicate with patients, counsel on organ donation or other challenging procedures, and on how much care is given while obtaining consent for procedures. According to MCI sources, the students will be evaluated on how sensitively and competently they handle these issues.

The Academics of MCI, the country’s medical education regulators, had worked more than two and a half years to finalise the curriculum titled “Competency-based UG curriculum for the Indian Medical Graduate”, and has submitted for approval to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

The newly drafted curriculum is much different from the existing syllabus (1997 drafted) which focuses more on classroom-based rote learning.

Students will have to undergo a two-month Foundation course which aims to orient medical students to MBBS programme where the teachers impart knowledge on the history of medicine rather than jumping straight away into core subjects such as anatomy, physiology. The foundation course will also train them on language and communication . The existing pattern of giving clinical exposure in second year will be changed and students will be privileged to get it from the first year of the course itself. The new curriculum offers minimum theory classes, clinical training with more medical mannequins and models and more interactive, practical or trainings along with group discussions.

Another attractive element is the introduction of elective subjects which enables the students study subjects of their choice. Besides these, the new curriculum will help the students get training especially on issues such as community healthcare activities .

According to medical academics, the long due changes sounds positive. They believe that more qualified and concerned doctors will come up with more empathy, sympathy and communication skills improving doctor-patient relationship

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